By the time you reach here, you must have already seen a bunch of articles explaining how to get started with two popular frameworks in the current era, Create React App (CRA) and TailwindCSS. But you may not be satisfied with their approach as it is just too much of a configuration.

The lack of visibility from the CRA team about integrating TailwindCSS, adds further confusion. I personally prefer TailwindCSS in almost all projects. It is great, smart, intuitive, and performance-friendly when used with its purge option.

Luckily, there is the official documentation on TailwindCSS that explains its integration with…

TSLint rule for browser compatibility
TSLint rule for browser compatibility
Linting on browser compatibility
  • Do you have a large team working on front-end frameworks like Angular?
  • Does your company have a norm to support specific browsers?
  • Have you ever received a “Hotfix” due to function implementation that is not supported on browsers like IE11?

If your answer is “Yes”, then this article is for you.

Introducing “browsercompat” TSLint plugin

Yes! you hear it right. A magical rule that scans your code against a list of browsers and probably saves a future “Hotfix”.

This rule leverages the popular MDN library for checking the JS function against a list of supported browsers.


  • Install the plugin with the following command: npm…

Deploy Angular Universal on AWS Lambda with Serverless framework from scratch

Update: Thank you very much for your overwhelming response on original article. I’ve received a lot of request on social platforms for updating the article to support Angular 10+. So here you go… this article is an edited version of setting up Angular 6–8 universal setup on serverless framework.


With the growing popularity of Single Page Applications, Angular (backed by Google) is one of the best and widely used frameworks among React, Vue, and others. While there are many benefits of using SPAs over traditional MPA (Multi-Page Applications), its process to render the DOM by executing JavaScript on browser causes…

Angular multi-site architecture
Angular multi-site architecture

With over 20+ locale-specific domains sharing the same features, it is mandatory for me to set up a scalable architecture that supports faster build time, quick deployments, ability to have a different theme and easy switching of features. This article shares my thoughts and solution to the common problems that you may face while developing multi-site architecture.

Let’s talk about the problem statement:

Since we’ve multiple sites sharing the same features, creating 20+ applications in angular.json will result in 20+ builds every time you add / update features in project. Thus, reducing the overall deployment time.

Angular CLI uses “Webpack”…

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Associate Director at Cactus Communications, India. I help building highly scalable architecture for Authors and help them to publish their papers

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